Everbearer Strawberries

The main commercial varieties are:


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Prize has a moderate canopy making it suitable for substrate production with good results achieved at 7-8 plants per linear metre plant density or up to 44,000 per ha in the soil. 

Fruit is typically held on strong trusses that remain upright during the early stages of fruit development. 

Prize has been shown to over winter well across a wide geographical growing area the variety seems to be reasonably tolerant to Phytopthra and Wilt but is not resistant to these diseases.  Mildew is rarely a problem with Prize and if seen usually appears on the fruit before leaves become symptomatic.  Large well formed light coloured conic berries are typical with acceptable flavour and excellent shelf life.  Yields of 1.1kgs per plant have been reported with an average of 900gms per plant being normal.

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Arabella is an Everbearer released from Plant Sciences breeding programme in 2017 with excellent flavour, beautiful heart shaped berries and good shelf life. 


Yields of 8-900gms per plant have been reported.  

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Malling Supreme (EMR 639)


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Malling Supreme is a new Everbearer from East Malling Breeding Club.  More information on this new variety will follow shortly.                        


November 2019




Other Everbearer varieties also available are:


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Triumph develops a large vigorous canopy compared with other Plant Sciences Everbearers.  Good results have been achieved in both soil and substrate systems. 


The berries are smaller than Premier, well formed conic berries are typical with little mis-shape in normal conditions, colour is bright, light red with a good gloss, fruit is firm with good skin strength.  Shelf life is improved when compared with Premier. 


Triumph is high yielding with the best sites reporting well over 1.25kgs per plant.  Triumph has a much greater tolerance to mildew than Premier but continues to need a prevention program. 


It does not appear to have a high degree of resistance to Phytophora or wilt but does compare favourably with other industry standards.  Some petal sticking can occur following periods of high humidity and during the autumn.  If left untreated Botrytis spots can develop on the fruit.  However, application of standard Botrytis prevention products can easily control this. 




Portola is a tried and tested variety from the UC Davis program which produces high yields of light coloured firm fruit.  

Portola is known for its large, vigorous canopy and is ideal for situations where yield is a key factor in the production system.

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