Primocane Raspberries


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Granduer is a medium to large fruited cultivar, the fruit is light red in colour with excellent fruit firmness and shelf life.  Cavity strength and druplet uniformity is good, giving super punnet presentation.  Flavour is acceptable. 


Plant vigour is moderate with excellent cane strength and compact fruit laterals. Known to adapt well to different growing systems and climatic conditions.


Grandeur is an open market variety available to all growers from Spring 2017.  Listed with most UK retailers.  Annual linear meter based royalty is payable on this variety.


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Gleam is a new selection from the Plant Sciences breeding program.  Available in the open market to all growers.


Gleam produces large firm berries which are well presented for picking.  A useful variety for its early Primocane season.  Canes have an erect habit which are easy to manage.  


The highest yielding and largest berry size of all the open market PSI selections.  Annual linear meter based royalty is payable on this variety.


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Radiance fruit is medium in size with  light red colour. An open market variety available to all growers. Excellent flavour is with good sugar to acid balance make this variety a good choice for local, farmgate and high end retail sales.

Fruit releases from the receptacles quite easily and firmness is acceptable.

Annual linear meter based royalty is payable on this variety


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Ovation is a mid season primocane raspberry selection, cropping about the same time as Grandeur.  It has amongst the largest average berry weights of all the Plant Sciences varieties at 4.7gm/plant.


Super flavour and excellent shelf live make Ovation a strong candidate as a Grandeur replacement.


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Paragon is a new primocan selection from the Plant Scicences team. Significantly earlier than other PSI releases it gives 85% of its crop in August and September.  Average berrry weigh is 4.2g.  Canes are erect and easy to manage.


Average brix of 11.1.


Super easy to pick with excellent shelf life and yields similar to Grandeur.


Ideally suited to double cropping system.


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Brilliance fruit is medium in size, medium to deep red in colour, with excellent flavour and shine.  Fruit releases from receptacles quite easily, cavity strength is good but fruit can be soft placing an emphasis on a controlled fertilizer program. 


Plant vigour is high with plant habit towards semi arching this, along with long fruiting lateral makes sufficient trellis support a must for growers. 


Production on Brilliance tends to be early primocane. 


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Imara is the earliest primocan from the ABB program producting over half its yield by mid September.  


Fruit is firm with good shelf life but needs a short picking interval to prevent over-colouring.   

Imara is highly productive and easy to grow.



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Kweli is a large fruited main season primocane.  Fruit is light orange red that does not darken after picking.


The plants produce vigorous, complex can and lateral structures that can be double cropped under suitable protection.


Firm fruit have the best shelf life of all the ABB raspberry varieties thus far.

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