Floricane Raspberries

Glen Dee

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Glen Dee is the latest release from JHI.  This late season selection beats the competition in almost every respect.  Cropping 2 weeks later than Ample and Tulameen.  in trials it had the greatest over all yield and the largest average berry weight of all selections tested.

Easily picked, well displayed fruit on spine free laterals, the cane structure is relatively simple making management easy.

Brix levels are high when compared to Glen Ample or Octavia and fruit is well flavoured.

Large conical berries have great eye appeal in the punnet and shelf life is amongst the best of the JHI selections.

Glen Fyne

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This aptly named main season selection is renowned for its exceptional flavour which is maintained over a long, extended picking period.


Similar in season, shelf life and berry size to Glen Ample but with greater overall yield and renewed retailer appeal.


Spine free and vigorous, the variety works well as a long cane.  


Susceptible to Raspberry Root Rot, Glyn Fyne is best grown in substrate or low phytopthra risk sites and use of a full program of plant protection is recommended.

Glen Ample

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Glen Ample has long been the standard main season variety.  Spine free, uprgith floricanes allow easy access to fruiting laterals. 


Berries are round conical shape and medium-large size.


Cane thinning is often required to manage vigorous regrowth.


Susceptible most of the major Raspberry pests and diseases.

Cascade Delight



Cascade Delight is very vigorous with long fruiting laterals and produces a good number of canes.  It produces long conical shaped fruit they are glossy and very firm.


Cascade Delight produces good yields similar to Tulameen, excellent flavour and good shelf life.  It is susceptible to the large raspberry aphid Amphophera agathonica.

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