Malling Centenary


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Malling Centenary is an exciting new release from the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club. An early-main season variety with firm regular heart shaped berries. Flavour, Shelf life and Brix are generally considered to be better than Elsanta.


Picking efficiencies with Malling Centenary can show significant improvement on other commercial June bearers due to its large average berry size and low waste.


Early feedback suggests that the variety has a reasonable tolerance to Powdery Mildew but does need some input with plant protection products. Malling Centenary does not have a strong resistance to root diseases and this should be considered when selecting production sites and plant treatments. The variety does not show an especially strong tolerance to rain damage so should be grown under protection where possible.

Special attention should be given to adequate Botrytis control during high risk weather conditions. Leaf petioles are hairy and consequently hold on to moisture, a trait that can in some circumstances promote the development of disease.


Most UK retailers now list Malling Centenary.

Click here for Malling Centenary Fruit Production and Propagation Guidelines

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