Jive is a late season June bearer, cropping 7-10 days later than Sonata.  With large, firm, shiny orange – red berries are a notable improvement on other  late season selections.  Harvest is 7-10 days later than Sonata. 

The plant is robust and dark green in colour, few runners are formed meaning more energy is available for the formation of the fruit.


Jive produces more trusses than Sonata but a lower number of flowers per truss.


Fruit size and weight are generally exceptional assisted by a slow ripening period. For best flavour fruit should be left on the plant until orange-red. 


Jive has a unique tolerance to heat stress allowing flower trusses to continue to develop normally even at high temperatures. For this reason Jive can have a very useful place in 60 day planting schedules during the hot summer months when other varieties suffer. Planting Jive in May, June or July will play to the varieties strengths.


We do not recommend planting Jive early, during cool weather or without rain protection. If Jive is to be overwintered , careful consideration should be given to delaying its cropping period as late as possible.

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